Late@ Seniman

Seniman is famous for their incredible range of coffee and design experiences. Quietly they have been establishing themselves as a go-to destination for food and their regular breakfast, lunch and afternoon clientele have long been raving about the quality of the food.  

Now Seniman is grabbing the ‘restaurant-bull-by-its-horns’ and looking to make an impact in the dynamic Ubud evening restaurant scene. After careful selection and preparation, Late@ Seniman provides a range of ‘brassiere-style’ food with its new evening menu. Nothing too pretentious, but classic items crafted with passion, quality and the Seniman stylistic touch.    

Late@ Seniman also cleverly use coffee in a number of their signature desserts, from espresso Crème Brulee to a Mocha-nut waffle. You can even order their humorous and inventive ‘Death by Espresso’ a sure-fire Instagram favourite.  

Even the unconventional format of the evening menu is something that has become a much photographed design object. Easy to use and a little bit weird, the menu is a collection of ‘flash- cards’ featuring images and descriptions on colourful backdrops. According to some of the customers it’s “Worth stealing!” (but please don’t take them home..!)  

There is an extensive range of premium beers, wine and of course coffee, chocolate and teas. All of this to be enjoyed in Seniman’s famous Coffee Studio with its unique atmosphere and music playlists taking you into the night.   Seniman’s on-going food development programme will continue to rotate new items and introduce seasonal produce over the next few months. This is just the beginning.  

Some of the many new highlights from the Late@ Seniman new evening menu;  

Beef Burger Sliders

Served as a taster of 3 styles; McSeniman (Swiss cheese, bacon, mustard mayo), King-Hong- Kong (Black pepper, capsicum, soy sauce), Mediterranean (Tomato and jalapeno salsa) Served with a side portion of triple cooked house-chips with tomato relish and wasabi mayonnaise  

Fish and Chips

Fresh snapper fillets with a San Miguel beer batter. Served with a side portion of house chips, minted green pea puree, home made tartar sauce and a wedge of lemon.  

Posh House Chips

Triple-cooked chips with extra Parmesean and truffle seasoning  

Tuna Tartar

Sashimi grade tuna salad with avocado, cucumber, wasabi cream, spicy crisp bread and soy ginger vinaigrette.  

Mushroom Terrine

Assorted mushroom and herb terrine served with a sambal cream sauce.  

Crème Brulee Espresso

Vanilla laced crème brulee served with Seniman espresso and coffee liquer sauce. Seniman  

Espresso Granita

Frozen crystals of Seniman espresso served with cappuccino ice-cream and fresh whipped cream  

Moka-nut Waffle

Single-origin chocolate from Sumatra with mixed nuts in a warm rum-infused waffle. Served with cappuccino ice-cream, honey and warm chocolate sauce.  

Death By Espresso

Imagine your head is a disc of frozen espresso, stand headfirst on the precipice of a sea of milk. When ready to make the ultimate sacrifice, dive into the milk and have someone hold your feet and stir until desired strength. (Available as day or night variants)    

 Seniman Coffee Studio #5 Jl. Sriwedari, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 80581 Telephone +62 (0) 361 972 085 Email [email protected]

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