Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Yoforia: Refreshing Yogurt Drink

Yogurt kini menjadi minuman yang tidak asing lagi di Indonesia, bahkan sudah menjadi gaya hidup modern kaum perkotaan. Fakta yang menggembirakan, produk yang dibuat dari susu –ada yang memakai susu kacang kedelai, ini tidak sekadar lifestyle, tapi juga kaya manfaat.  Yogurt mengandung bakteri baik yang bermanfaat untuk kesehatan saluran pencernaan.

Label yang melekat di yogurt adalah sehat sekaligus gaul. Itu sebabnya, mulai banyak gerai yang menjual yogurt di mal-mal dan pusat perbelanjaan.  Dan yang terbaru adalah Yoforia, atau yogurt studio, yang memberi pilihan berbeda dalam mengonsumsi yoghurt. Yoforia berlokasi di  Paris Van Java Resort Lifestyle Place, pusat perbelanjaan yang beralamat di Jl. Sukajadi, Cipedes, Sukajadi Bandung.

Yoforia - Gerai di Paris van Java, Bandung

Dalam pembuatan yogurt, fermentasi gula susu, atau yang disebut laktosa, menghasilkan asam laktat, berperan dalam protein susu untuk menghasilkan tekstur seperti gel dan aroma unik pada yogurt. Karena berupa gel, frozen yogurt di Indonesia dalam bisnis makanan sering dimasukkan dalam kategori es krim. Tapi selain gel, yogurt sebetulnya bisa dibuat lebih encer. Baik yang gel maupun yang cair, keduanya bisa dipadukan dengan minuman lain.

Kunjungan Blogger

Di Yoforia, berasal dari kata 'euforia' (perasaan nyaman atau perasaan gembira yang berlebihan alias keranjingan), japanese yogurt drink ini terdiri dari berbagai varian rasa dengan kopi sebagai rasa unggulan. “Kami mencoba hal-hal baru. Yogurt yang rasanya asam ketemu dengan kopi yang juga ada asamnya, pasti rasanya sesuatu banget,” ujar Chef Martin Natadipraja, yang saat ini menjadi chef tamu di Yoforia setiap minggunya.

Chef Martin Naradipraja

Memang, yogurt di tangan Martin tidak dibiarkan asam, makanya ada tambahan bahan lain, yakni buah-buahan segar dan sirup karamel. Coba saja varian ini: Yofocinno, yang terdiri dari yogurt, espresso, dan sirup karamel. Atau Kuro Yofocinno (yogurt, choco powder, dan espresso), C & C Yofocinno (yogurt, white choco, oreo, sirup karamel, dan espresso), A-Yo Peach (yogurt dan buah peach), A-Yo Strawberry (yogurt, leci, strawberry), Berry Smooth Yogurt (yogurt, strawberry, blueberry, dan buah peach diblender), Mother of The Dragon Yogurt (yogurt, buah naga, pisang, dan blueberry diblender), dan Affocado Yogurt (yogurt, es krim vanilla. alpukat, dan espresso).

A-Yo, Yolo, dan Salmon Salad

Tidak hanya minuman, tapi makanan juga siap disajikan. Pilihannya adalah Potato Wedges, Chicken Wings, Gomabo, Salmon Salad, Panacota, atau Yolo – yang ini masih kategori yogurt atau smooties yogurt dengan toping granolla dan pisang. Menu yang pas untuk bersantai!

Well, jangan sampai kamu ketinggalan. Gaul sehat hanya ada di Yoforia! (Burhan Abe)

Deep-fried Flying Barramundi Promotion @ Golden Lotus Chinese Restaurant

Golden Lotus Chinese Restaurant, an elegant Chinese restaurant at the Bali Dynasty Resort, now offers Deep-fried Flying Barramundi with a choice of three sauces from the 1st of January 2017 until 31st of March 2017.

This popular fish is fried to golden brown, giving it a light crispy texture on the outside while still retaining its clean, buttery flavor and meaty texture. Diners can then choose from the three different sauces available, i.e. Thai Sauce with a sweet and sour taste, Black Bean Sauce and Soya Bean Sauce which is slightly salty.

Barramundi Black Soya Sauce
One deep-fried flying barramundi with your choice of sauce is offered at IDR 188,888 nett, including steamed rice for two people.

Barramundi have become more popular in the recent years as they are rich in minerals and valuable nutrients to health.  They are also internationally renowned for their deliciousness and versatility, which appeal to just about everyone even the non-seafood lovers.

Deep Flying Barramundi with 3 Choices Sauces
Golden Lotus Chinese Restaurant is an elegant and sophisticated Chinese Restaurant serving the finest Cantonese, Szechuan cuisines and Dim Sum lunches. The interior resembles a classic Chinese dining venue, with traditional paper lanterns, a rich combination of red and gold with carved wood paneling and elegant furnishing. Located adjacent to the Main Lobby of Bali Dynasty Resort, it opens 6 days a week from Tuesday till Sunday for Lunch from 11.30am till 2.30pm and Dinner from 6pm till 10pm. With many awards as the best Chinese Restaurant in Bali, Golden Lotus is proud to cook Chinese cuisine that is MSG Free.

Private Room
For reservations, call 752403 Ext. 8502 or email to fbsec@bdr.pphotels.com.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Meet The Faces Behind Alila Ubud’s Exceptional F&B Experiences Executive Chef Erwan Wijaya & Conrad Michael O’Riordan

Slow Food Rules for Chef Erwan
One of Ubud’s finest chefs, Alila Ubud’s Executive Chef Erwan Wijaya specialises in Balinese and international cuisine that is inspired by the culinary wealth of Bali’s rice terraces, farms and seas.

Wielding culinary skills honed within the best restaurants in Bali, Chef Erwan brings to his cooking a strong commitment to the use of local ingredients and organic goodness wherever possible. A proponent of the ‘slow food’ movement, he believes that Ubud and regional Bali provide a rich abundance of produce that can be thoughtfully matched to a menu that tempts even the most discerning of diners.

At Alila Ubud’s signature restaurant, Plantation, he has put together innovative fine dining and fresh seasonal menus that celebrate the best of Bali “Farm to Table”, using ingredients sourced from local farms and markets, or harvested from the resort’s own organic garden.

Under his direction, Plantation has earned the ‘Snail of Approval’ by Slow Food Bali for its organic and sustainable food. It was also voted “Best Balinese Restaurant” in the 2014 and 2015 Now! Bali Best Restaurant Awards.

Chef Erwan and Plantation are also featured in ‘Flavours of Bali’, a recently published coffee table book, part of the Smudge Eats series of culinary guides, devoted to showcasing the best restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels on the island, as well as their signature dishes and the chefs behind their creation. Chef Erwan’s signature creations include Balinese specialties such as: Parkedel Jagung - corn fritters with prawns, chayote, tamarind dressing and crisp Balinese salad; Kare Ikan - seared barramundi fillet served padang style with yellow curry sauce, kailan and homemade pickle; and Ayam Betutu - classic roasted chicken Balinese style with bumbu genep paste, sambal matah, cucumber and local vegetables. On the Western front, diners can enjoy dishes such as: Fresh local crab meat combined with a refreshing mix of local produce from Ubud and Bedugul, spiced up with a Bloody Mary sorbet; Local organic duck breast with Indian curry flavours, creamy local taro with truffle oil, and sweet, crispy Bedugul leek; and Sous vide local pork ribs, glazed with spicy local sambal, served with fried peanuts and wok-fried wild fern tips.

Conrad Mixes It Up at The Cabana Lounge
Conrad Michael O'Riordan draws on his passion and extensive knowledge of beverages and international cultures to curate a unique F&B experience that marries well with the refinement of Plantation restaurant and the relaxed sophistication of the Cabana Lounge. Conrad studied International Hospitality Management at Oxford Brookes University, and during the course of his studies, became fascinated with the way wine, cocktails and food speak to specific places, people and time. Before joining Alila, Conrad established his career at distinguished establishments, including the highly acclaimed JW Marriott at Grosvenor House, London, Intercontinental London, The Halkin by Como, and Metropolitan by Como.

At Alila Ubud, Conrad pours his unbridled curiosity and excitement at exploring Bali’s wide range of ingredients into organic mixology at the Cabana Lounge as well as a delightful afternoon tea package enjoyed overlooking the pool. Not to be missed are Conrad’s signature cocktails infused with Asian inspiration and extra refreshing twists. They include: Berry Cooler - mixed local berries, thyme, vanilla sugar, sumac and a dash of soda water; Lengkuas Sour (Galangal) - Wild Turkey combined with Lengkuas and kaffir lime syrup, orange bitters, shaken with lime juice and egg white; and Tropically British Pimms - Pimms combined with Cointreau, mixed with tropical fruits.

Crafted Festive Culinary Experiences
From the rainforest-surrounded Plantation Restaurant to the peacefulness of the organic garden or in the bale at the valley’s edge, Chef Erwan and Conrad have crafted unique culinary experiences that indulge diners in the incredible bounty of Bali amid the beauty of its natural environment. Give your taste buds something truly wonderful to celebrate this coming festive season with these highlights:

Christmas Eve Feasting

The Plantation
24 December 2016

Join us in the tranquil setting of Plantation Restaurant for a Christmas Eve to remember with a tasting menu especially created to indulge in with family and friends. Executive Chef Erwan and his team present a culinary journey to entice your palate, featuring sample dishes such as local crab, lamb, mackerel and turkey enjoyed against a backdrop of verdant mountains, serenaded by the sounds of the jungle at night and Christmas carols.

Balinese Street Food with Earth Dance Movie

The Cabana Lounge
28 December 2016

With Indonesia's long history as a land of spices, it seems only natural that we should prepare some of the most traditional and tasty foods sold on the streets. Using local ingredients and traditional cooking styles, we create a tasty and thrilling journey through Indonesia’s archipelago.

Tarian Bumi (Earth Dance)
A Film by Rai Pendet
An adaptation of the famed novel Tarian Bumi (Earth Dance) by Balinese author Oka Rusmini. Language: Bahasa Bali, English subtitles

New Year’s Eve Celebration

The Cabana Lounge
31 December 2016

Executive Chef Erwan Wijaya and the culinary team invite you to celebrate the final countdown of 2016 in spectacular gastronomic style. Begin the evening with canapé and cocktails at Cabana Lounge and get immersed in a Kecak dance performance by local artists.

For more information, please visit: alilamoments.com/ubud/happenings

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fame Hotel Hadir di Sunset Road, Kuta, Bali: Stay Famous!

Siapa yang menyangkal, Bali merupakan destinasi paling populer di Indonesia, bahkan di dunia. Tidak heran banyak hotel berdiri di Pulau Dewata tersebut, seperti Fame Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta – Bali, yang berlangsung Sabtu, 18 Desember 2016.

Acara seremoni peresmian Fame Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta-Bali bertema “Glamorous in White”, dihadiri oleh sekitar 250 undangan, termasuk investor, agen perjalanan,  serta jajaran manajemen Paramount Enterprise.

Fame Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta - Bali merupakan hotel bintang dua yang dikelola oleh Parador Hotels and Resorts yang ada di bawah naungan Paramount Enterprise. Dengan konsep sebagai affordable lifestyle, hotel ini menawarkan pengalaman menginap layaknya selebriti kepada para tamunya. Mulai dari interior design, hingga pelayanan yang diberikan, para tamu akan dimanjakan oleh sensasi menginap yang sangat stylish dan glamour.

Acara grand opening dimulai dengan prosesi pengguntingan pita oleh Kepala Dinas Pariwisata Kabupaten Badung – Bali Cok Raka Darmawan, didampingi oleh Presiden Direktur Paramount Enterprise Ervan Adi Nugroho, dan Deputy Chief Operating Officer Parador Hotels & Resorts Johannes Hutauruk, dilanjutkan hotel inspection dan ditutup dengan brunch party yang diramaikan oleh live music dan DJ performance.

Menurut Cok Raka Darmawan, sektor pariwisata di Kabupaten Badung adalah salah satu prioritas Pemerintah Kabupaten Badung. Pariwisata merupakan salah satu potensi sekaligus kebutuhan yang harus dikembangkan di Badung, untuk memajukan sektor-sektor pembangunan dan kesejahteraan masyarakat. Sektor pariwisata terbukti sebagai salah satu sektor penggerak perekonomian serta mendorong pertumbuhan ekonomi di daerah. “Untuk itu kami masih tetap membuka kesempatan kepada investor untuk berinvestasi di Kabupaten Badung, khususnya penyediaan akomodasi pariwisata seperti hotel, namun tentunya harus tetap memperhatikan tata ruang, dan aturan adat dan budaya,” katanya.

Sementara Ervan Adi Nugroho, Presiden Direktur Paramount Enterprise menjelaskan bahwa salah satu komitmen perusahaannya, selaku pengembang nasional adalah membangun akomodasi yang memadai, affordable dan berkualitas bagi para wisatawan maupun pebisnis di Tanah Air. “Pulau Bali merupakan salah satu pulau di Indonesia yang paling sering menjadi tujuan berlibur para wisatawan, baik lokal maupun mancanegara.  Kabupaten Badung yang dikenal sebagai barometer pariwisata di Bali memiliki posisi strategis dan potensi yang tinggi serta didukung oleh kebijakan Pemerintah Kabupaten yang mendukung kemajuan pariwisata.”

Melihat potensi ini,  Parador Hotels and Resorts yang ada di bawah naungan Paramount Enterprise membuka Fame Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta - Bali, yang merupakan Hotel Fame ke 3 setelah Fame Hotel Gading Serpong dan Fame Hotel Batam, dan ke 8 milik Paramount Enterprise sejak 2012.

Sekarang ada total ada 8 hotel yang dioperasikan oleh Parador Hotels & Resorts. Selain Fame di Bali, ada 7 hotel yang telah dibuka yaitu, 5 hotel di Tangerang,  Malang, dan Magelang. Perusahaan ini juga telah mengelola hotel milik pihak lain yaitu Fame Hotel Batam. “Kami optimis bahwa kehadiran Fame Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta - Bali, akan mampu bersaing dengan hotel-hotel sejenis dan bahkan menjadi salah satu favorit para wisatawan lokal maupun mancanegara,” tambah Ervan.

Stay Famous
Fame Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta - Bali dibangun di atas lahan seluas 1,9 hektare (4 lantai), didesain dengan konsep lifestyle yang orisinal. Dilengkapi dengan 90 kamar dengan desain yang stylish, dua meeting rooms, semi outdoor swimming pool, restoran, kids corner, dan e-corner.  Pas untuk tamu yang ingin bernostalgia dengan musik atau film, karena poster para musisi dan bintang-bintang film bertebaran, mulai dari lorong hingga ke kamar- kamar hotel. Ikon terkenal di era 1980-an hingga 2000-an.

Lokasi Fame Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta - Bali, sangat strategis karena dekat dengan Bandar Udara Internasional Ngurah Rai dan tempat wisata terkenal seperti Pantai Kuta, Jalan Legian, beberapa pusat hiburan malam terkenal dan pusat perbelanjaan.

Tapi sebetulnya Fame sendiri ada pusat hiburan. Sejak melangkahkan kaki ke reception, suasana sudah beraura hiburan,  ketika para tamu menuju koridor ke kamar mereka pun seperti memasuki gedung bioskop.

Yes, Parador Hotels & Resorts ingin menghadirkan pengalaman menginap yang baru dan segar kepada para wisatawan. Mulai dari konsep interior design, pelayanan, semua agaknya mereka pikirkan sangat matang sehingga Fame Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta - Bali ini menjadi pilihan baru dan unik bagi para tamu.

“Tentunya dengan harga yang sangat terjangkau, dan kualitas pelayanan layaknya seperti seorang superstar. Kehadiran Fame Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta - Bali diharapkan dapat semakin meramaikan industri perhotelan di Bali yang cukup ketat dan menjadi pilihan utama para wisatawan untuk menginap. Stay Famous!” ujar Deputy Chief Operating Officer Parador, Johannes Hutauruk.

Mau Liburan Hemat Ke Raja Ampat? Kamu Harus Terapkan 5 Hal Ini

Selain Bali, Raja Ampat adalah salah satu wilayah di Indonesia yang menjadi impian para turis, baik asing maupun masyarakat Tanah Air.

Memang, biaya liburan Raja Ampat yang terbilang mahal membuat sebagian masyarakat tidak bisa pergi berlibur ke Raja Ampat. Jangan merasa berkecil hati karena kamu bisa liburan seru ke Raja Ampat meski punya bujet minim. Gak percaya? Inidia tips liburan hemat di Raja Ampat!

1.   Pesanlah tiket pesawat dan penginapan dari jauh-jauh hari
Kalau ingin hemat liburan ke Raja Ampat Papua, kamu wajib mempersiapkannya jauh-jauh hari sebelum keberangkatan. Booking tiket pesawat dan penginapan dari jauh-jauh hari biasanya banyak potongan harga yang bisa kamu dapatkan. Persiapkan setidaknya tiga bulan sebelum kamu liburan ke Raja Ampat.

2.   Berburu tiket promo
Saat mencari tiket pesawat ke Raja Ampat pulang pergi, carilah tiket promo yang bisa memangkas bujet liburan kamu, sehingga bisa murah. Jangan bosan untuk sering memantau tiket penerbangan yang menawarkan promo ke destinasi Raja Ampat ini.

3.   Bandingkan penginapan untuk mencari yang lebih murah
Setelah dapat tiket pesawat murah, kamu juga harus rajin browsing lokasi penginapan yang tidak mahal. Cari penginapan di Raja Ampat, yang sudah termasuk akomodasi dan makan gratis, agar menghemat bujet akomodasi dan jatah makan. Cara mencari penginapan murah di Raja Ampat mudah, cukup bandingkan penginapan satu dengan lainnya. Kalau menurut kamu hotel di sana terlalu mahal, kamu bisa memilih homestay yang biasanya ditawarkan penduduk setempat yang lokasinya justru dekat dengan objek wisata di Raja Ampat yang kamu ingin kunjungi.

4.   Bawa persediaan cadangan makanan
Memilih homestay sebagai tempat penginapan kamu di Raja Ampat tentu kamu tidak akan mendapatkan makan. Jadi bawalah persediaan makanan untuk dimakan sewaktu-waktu kamu lapar. Apalagi Raja Ampat bukanlah perkotaan jadi harga makanan pun pasti selangit.

5.   Bawa koper yang lebih besar
Pulang jalan-jalan belum lengkap kalau tidak membeli buah tangan untuk diberikan kepada teman-teman. Supaya lebih hemat, lebih baik sisihkan ruang kosong di koper kamu untuk meletakkan suvenir yang kamu beli di Raja Ampat. Kalau koper penuh, akhirnya kamu akan membawa kantong plastik. Kalau kamu membawa  muatan lebih banyak dari sebelumnya, kamu akan dikenakan biaya tambahan untuk bagasi pesawat dan pengeluaran liburan kamu justru semakin bertambah. Oleh karena itu, perhitungkan dengan matang kebutuhan yang akan kamu bawa saat pergi dan pulang agar kamu terhindar dari biaya tambahan.

Belum punya koper untuk liburan kamu ke Raja Ampat? Tenang, kamu bisa membelinya di MatahariMall. Toko online tas koper terlengkap ini menyediakan berbagai jenis koper yang berkualitas untuk dibawa ke Raja Ampat. Selain lengkap, di MatahariMall.com selalu menawarkan promosi yang bisa menghemat pengeluaran liburan kamu ke Raja Ampat. Yuk tunggu apalagi segera kunjungi mataharimall.com, nikmati kemudahan dan promo menarik lainnya di sini.

Let your Christmas Sparkle and Shine at Gran Mahakam Hotel

Lobster & Citrus Salad
Attention to detail, distinctly European architecture, beautifully appointed rooms, and attentive and responsive service are just some of the hallmarks of Hotel Gran Mahakam.

Its elegantly furnished 158 rooms, International Restaurants, Bar & Lounge and function rooms, contribute to give to the European-baroque-style architecture a feel of warmth, comfort and ease that is most found in friend’s homes.

To celebrate holy Christmas 2016, Hotel Gran Mahakam Jakarta will welcome this coming Christmas with an elegant decor in the form of a floating Christmas tree with a combination of fabulous silver and sparkling gold colors, which will surely give a sparkling Christmas ambience at the lobby area.

Black Angus Beef Medallion 
The warmth and joy of Christmas always brings us closer together and hence, mark your precious moments by staying at Hotel Gran Mahakam or simply enjoy our sumptuous brunch or dinner offering at the charming Le Gran Café with your beloved family and friends whilst being entertained by our Christmas live music performance. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet and greet with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause who will make a visit to hand out holiday greetings and will listen to any last minute wishes. Surprise your children with lovable gifts from Santa Clause on brunch and dinner at Le Gran Café.
It’s the time of the year to spread the warmth and color of the festive season. What a better way to celebrate this occasion of Christmas by enjoying our delicacies that will tempt your taste buds. The guests will enjoy a lavish buffet at Le Gran Cafe with various selections of Western, Asian and Indonesian menu; Black Angus Beef Medallion with Ragout of Mushroom, Blanquette of Salmon Cod Fish and Scallops with Capsicum Olive Sauce, Deep Fried Tiger Prawn with Wasabi Mayo, Roasted Duck with Orange Comfit Sauce, Baked Oyster Florentine, Sautéed Wedges Potato with Beef Bacon and Cheese, Braised Brussels Sprout with Butter Onion and Beef Ham, for our International Buffet. While for our Indonesian Signature will be our legendary Nasi Daun Jeruk and Lontong Mahatma. 

We also offer our Dessert Corner for the assorted sliced cakes of Black Beauty, Belgium Chocolate, Red Valvet, Pavlova, Cheese Cake, Vanilla Tartlet, Fruits Tartlet, Durian Crème Brûlée, Mocha Pudding, Chocolate Melt with Ice Cream, as well as our Live Cooking Dessert for Kue Ape and Pancong Kopyor. Those will bring you an unforgettable moment of wonderful dining experience.

Black Beauty Cake
AOKI Japanese Cuisine will also partake in the festivity by adding a range of Japanese specialties into its buffet offerings, starts with Gyuniku Potato Chip or Hokkaido Tomorokoshi for the appetizer, Truffle Wagyu Beef Bowl, Shabu-Shabu or Dry Sukiyaki for the main course. Our guest also can experience a wide selection of refreshing drinks and desserts like; Passion Lemongrass, Tropical Drink, Healthy Juice, Jelly Coffee Cream or our delicious Mochi Ice Cream.

Let Hotel Gran Mahakam be the perfect venue for your Christmas special moment!

CHRISTMAS EVE DINNER – 24 December 2016
Le Gran Café: Rp 599,000++/ person AOKI Japanese Cuisine: Rp 525,000++/person

CHRISTMAS BRUNCH & DINNER – 25 December 2016 Le Gran Café: Rp 399,000++/ person AOKI Japanese Cuisine: Rp 329,000++/ person

CHRISTMAS ON SITE CATERING – 24 & 25 December 2016
Starts from Rp. 500,000++/person (min. for 30 persons)

CHRISTMAS GATHERING, 24 – 25 December 2016
Starts from Rp. 450.000++/persom (min. for 30 persons)

CHRISTMAS PACKAGE, 24 – 25 December 2016
Starts from Rp 1,260,000++ / room / night Inclusive:
  • Accommodation in Deluxe Room
  • Sumptuous Breakfast for 2 (two) persons at Le Gran Café
  • 24 hours in – room internet access
  • 10% discount on Lunch/Dinner at Le Gran Café & AOKI Japanese Cuisine
  • 10% discount on OxyLUXE Treatment, SP A, and Laundry

New Year Celebrations @ Hotel Gran Mahakam

Baked Oyster Florentine
Hotel Gran Mahakam welcomes the New Year of 2017 with an array of special festive offerings and invites guests to celebrate the new and prosperous year by enjoying a range of dining indulgences. Guests will experience the countdown celebrations with lavish buffet, modern elegant decor and accompanied with a harmonious live music performance that will make the festivity memorable.

Our Chefs from Le Gran Café and AOKI Japanese Cuisine will prepare special culinary delights in honor of the celebration. Families can spend quality time while enjoying a sumptuous New Year's Eve buffet selections at Le Gran Café or AOKI Japanese Cuisine. For families who are craving for Indonesian, Asian and European menus, Le Gran Café will be a perfect place to have a good time. Start your dining experience with Lobster and Citrus Salad with Walnut Toasted in Endives Leave or Salmon Tartare for the appetizer, Roasted Lamb Rack Provencal with Cream Morel Sauce or the signature Indonesian Nasi Daun Jeruk or Lontong Mahakam for main course and enjoy a delightful dessert of Black Beauty or Raspberry Millefeuille for the perfect dining experience.

Lamb Rack
For Japanese food lovers, AOKI Japanese Cuisine will prepare a lavish buffet with featuring Gyuniku Potato Chip or Hokkaido Tomorokoshi for the appetizer, Truffle Wagyu Beef Bowl, Shabu-Shabu or Dry Sukiyaki for the main course. Our guests can also enjoy a wide selection of refreshing drinks and delicious desserts like; Passion Lemongrass, Tropical Drink, Healthy Juice, Jelly Coffee Cream or Mochi Ice Cream for a perfect dining experience.

Dragon Fruit Juice

NEW YEAR’S EVE BUFFET – 31 December 2016
Live Music Performance & Countdown to 2017
Le Gran Cafe: Rp 859,000++/ person
AOKI Japanese Cuisine: Rp 599,000++/ person

NEW YEAR’S BRUNCH – 1 January 2016
Le Gran Cafe: Rp 286,000++/person
AOKI Japanese Cuisine: Rp 299,000++/person

Rp 600,000++/pax (Min. for 30 Pax)

NEW YEAR’S ON SITE CATERING – 31 December 2016
Rp 650,000++/pax (Min. for 30 Pax)

NEW YEAR ESCAPADE – 31 December 2016
Starts from Rp 1,260,000++ / room / night Inclusive:
  • Accommodation in Deluxe Room
  • Sumptuous Breakfast for 2 (two) persons at Le Gran Café
  • 24 hours in – room internet access
  • 10% discount on Lunch/Dinner at Le Gran Café & AOKI Japanese Cuisine
  • 10% discount on OxyLUXE Treatment, SP A, and Laundry